Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Anomaly - Ace Frehley - SMF REVIEW

THIS is what SMF has been waiting for over these last two decades?!?

Look, Ace was originally SMF’s favorite member of KISS back in the day. And we’re talking back in the original days here. SMF is a lifelong serving member of the KISS Army, and can honestly praise/criticize where warranted. Tenure within the Army has its privileges!

SMF fully accepts that Ace wrote a number of songs from their back catalog’ that are some of the best and still playable numbers to this very day:

Cold Gin (which for whatever reason, was sung and still sung to this day by teetotaler Simmons) for Fritters’ sake! He wrote Parasite, another established classic (again inexplicably sung by Simmons since time immemorial.) Shock Me, throw another onto the classic pile. (Also a convenient bathroom break song/solo at concerts – there’s a SWF tip for you newbies.)

His other contributions to the band – Comin’ Home, Strange Ways, Rock Bottom, Flaming Youth, Hard Times, Save Your Love… all considered classics, and rightfully so… and then… the debacle that was Unmasked. Talk to Me, Two Sides of the Coin, and {shudder} Torpedo Girl? Ugh. Dark Light from The Elder? Passable at best. But the seed of his declining creative abilities were omnipresent.

His solo efforts from 1987 through 1989 were sketchy, at best. His remake of ELO’s ‘Do Ya,’ is cringe-worthy. He has this affinity finding songs where he can easily rhyme with the word “Ace.” Twenty years on, that hasn’t changed.

Having met Ace Frehley, SMF can unequivocally say he is/was/has/ and always will be truly spaced. If there is one working neuron in his cranium, its sole purpose is to write trite shite such as “Anomaly.” Unintentional three way rhyme.

Save your hard-earned money and simply download “Foxy and Free” and “Fractured Quantum.” The Fractured Mirror collection do sound lovely together when played consecutively.


How does this bode for the new KISS release next month?! Stick around and find out!

Generalfeldmarschall Sweet Monkey Fritters

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