Monday, September 14, 2009


A father of two posed for photographs unaware that he was holding a live World War II anti-tank grenade after digging it up in his garden.

Paul Davies, 32, found the undetonated bomb and thought it was part of an old lawn mower or machine. Davies, a window cleaner, then placed it near his sink next to some dishes where it sat for more than two hours. But later in the morning he had a "bad feeling" and after checking the Internet, he realized the rusty lump of metal, was an anti-tank grenade.

He threw it into his back garden and called police, who evacuated 12 nearby homes and summoned bomb disposal experts. They set up an exclusion zone around the house before taking the bomb to a nearby field to blow it up.

"I can't believe I had it in my hand and was posing for a picture. The bomb team told me it was still live," Davies said.

Weiner of the Year Nominiee? Certainly. But the bigger question is what sort of freak digs up what he thinks is an old lawn mower part, and takes it inside to pose for a picture?!

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