Thursday, October 15, 2009

Don't Tase Me Bus Bro!

Police in Latvia are investigating claims that bus employees tasered a passenger for travelling without a ticket.

Arthur Liepins, 22, says he was cornered by four employees on the bus in Riga. He said they demanded to see his ticket and warned him he could "accidentally fall on the floor" if he didn't cooperate. One of the employees zapped him with a 1,000 volt taser gun when he tried to flee.

"I admit that I should have had a ticket with me but to use a taser gun was a complete overreaction. These people are just thugs," Liepins complained. "They were very threatening even before they used the taser. Even police arresting criminals don't go around firing taser guns off whenever they feel like it." (OH REALLY, ARTHUR? EVER BEEN TO AMERICA?!?)

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