Thursday, October 1, 2009

Those Wacky Swedes!


A group of elite commandos has apologized after blowing up the wrong house in a training exercise.

The squad from Sweden's cavalry division were supposed to attack an unoccupied home bought by the military for attack drills. Instead they launched a terrifying night assault on another home 200 yards away from their target.

"They were extremely lucky that the couple who own the property were out or they could have been killed," said one neighbor.

The troops blew out both front and back doors and every single window before they realized their mistake.

The unit is considered the most deadly strike force in Sweden and likes to compare itself to the SAS and America's SEALs. An army spokesman said, "We've already cleaned up after ourselves and we have, of course, contacted the owner. There's no hard feelings between us."

They cleaned up after themselves... that makes it all right now, doesn't it?

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