Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Hate Illinois Nazi Gnomes

An artist has caused controversy in Germany by staging an exhibition of garden gnomes giving Nazi salutes.

Ottmar Horl created 1,250 of the plastic dwarfs and will parade them in military formation in Straubing, Bavaria, the heartland of Hitler's war-time support.

Horl says the display shows the "symptoms of a political disease".

He managed to get around strict anti-Nazi legislation in Germany by saying the gnomes are a satire on Hitler. However, locals have dubbed the models the devil's dwarves.

Garden gnomes remain a favorite in Germany. Experts estimate the gnome population is at 25 million. But there is a growing trend towards gnomes who make obscene gestures, commit suicide or engage in sexual activity, and courts have ordered figures to be removed if they offend neighbors.

SMF isn't sure which is funnier... someone named Ottmar, the fact that there are gnome experts, or the fact that some Germans have gnomes committing suicide in their gardens. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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  1. Hey neighbor! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Such a funny post - "gnome experts?!" Really? Hahahahaha!