Thursday, October 29, 2009

When Sharpies Attack - Fritter Police Blotter

Two burglary suspects who drew 'masks' on their faces with permanent marker pen have been arrested in Iowa.

A witness told police that two men with painted disguises were trying to break into an apartment in Carroll, Iowa. The caller added that the pair, both wearing black hooded sweatshirts, drove off in a large white car. Police soon spotted a 1994 Buick Roadmaster that matched the vehicle description and stopped it.

They found two occupants with mask-like scribbling on faces. Matthew Allan McNelly, 23, and Joey Lee Miller, 20, were arrested at gunpoint because of reports they might be armed, but neither man had a weapon.

Both suspects were charged with attempted second-degree burglary and have been released on bail. McNelly was also charged with driving while intoxicated.

ADDITIONAL:Iowa Police are still searching for their ringleader, Paul Stanley (circa 1974). If any Sweet Monkey Fritter reader has a TARDIS and has seen the man below, please contact the Carroll, Iowa Police Department immediately.

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